Invite your team members

You are in full control of who can access your services. Invite your team members so that they can quickly and easily self service the start and stop of your environments. provides a productivity boost to your team, by ensuring that the right people can see, control and manage your systems. makes it quick and easy to invite your team and get them up and running. All in less than 2 minutes.

No longer is there a bottleneck stopping a system from being turned on. With the easy to use interface, anyone you like can self service control of your systems.

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Schedule when your systems are running

With you just schedule when you need your services running, select which services you want managed, then you can focus on running your business while we save you money.

Multiple different schedules can manage different sets of services, ensuring that the right things are running at the right times, and only the right times.

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Control multiple accounts and regions

Cloud computing is no longer about a single account in a single region, with CloudScale you can orchestrate control of complex application environments that span AWS multiple accounts and regions.

Information from all connected resources is available in one central dashboard, making it easy to see the current state of your entire fleet of services.

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Be notified in your chat room

You don’t want to spend all your time checking the status of a website to see what’s going on, with Slack chat room integration, have events relating to your environment be pushed at you.

In the not too distant future, you’ll even be able to manage your AWS services right from your chat rooms.

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Override a schedule for full control

Not everything goes to plan, and sometimes we have to work late (or early). Having your environments connected to does not mean you have lost control. At any time you can override the current schedule to start (or stop) your services.

But you don’t have to worry about rebuilding your old schedules, will pick up where it left off and continue to manage your service after you are done.

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Increased control and visibility

Trying to get audit details from the AWS console can be like pulling teeth, with you have one central place that tracks all service changes.

See changes across your accounts not matter where the change is initiated.

Full range of AWS services is aware of how to manage not only your EC2 servers, but is also able to manage services controlled via AutoScaling Groups and OpsWorks services. We will even remember to re-register your EC2 instances with any configured ELB. will understand where your RDS and CloudFormation stacks are also configured, giving you a better cost insight into your services.

Need ElasticBeanstalk support, or WorkSpaces? Then let us know, we are constantly looking for services that needs to manage.