Modern Digital Experiences & Cloud Applications

CloudScale’s agile, iterative approach to solution and application development leverages evolutionary design to drive continuous value, innovation, and impactful digital transformation.

Cloud Application Development Services


All successful applications change over time, whether to fix bugs, add new features, bring in new technologies, or make existing systems more scalable and resilient. If all the parts of an application are tightly coupled, it becomes very hard to introduce changes into the system. A change in one part of the application may break another part or cause changes to ripple through the entire codebase. This problem is not limited to monolithic applications. An application can be decomposed into services but still exhibit the sort of tight coupling that leaves the system rigid and brittle. But when services are designed to evolve, teams can innovate and continuously deliver new features. We create next-level digital experiences through application transformation and innovation.

Our services and solutions enable cloud adoption by transforming the way your users interact with technology. We believe it is these unique experiences that drive transformation and rapid cloud adoption.


Cloud App Development Process

To succeed and win in the digital space, our application developers need to meet the growing consumer demands that want more digital access. At CloudScale, our app development experts build rich native apps on Microsoft Azure fast. We provide critical business application support to help you minimize downtime.
  • Imagine
  • Our visionary User Experience team will help you take an idea to a functional wireframe, building a stunning platform before a single line of code is written.
  • Realize
  • We want your application to represent your brand and funnel your customers from point A to point B fast. That’s why are cloud UI designers are here. They create a customized, user-friendly design guided by Microsoft Azure’s cloud app best practices.
  • Experience
  • With Microsoft Azure, we’re able to test applications in a real-life environment on the cloud without going live. This process allows us to develop the best cloud application for you from the start.