Improving Broker and Agent Shared Services at Scale.

for a 50 Billion Dollar Real Estate Investment Firm.

A Canada-based diversified professional services and investment management company with approximately 15,000 employees in more than 400 offices in 68 countries faced global challenges in collaboration and wanted to improve the quality of its shared services organization and tools to support its massive broker community.

Partnering to Deliver Tools with a Vision of Broker First.

Partnering to Deliver Tools with a Vision of Broker First.

With more than 15,000 employees and growing fast, our client faced challenges with an aging toolset for its brokers, an intranet that had no branding, and a lot of complaints from end-users in terms of being able to find tools and information quickly.

With big expansion plans globally and with new brokers expecting a modern, seamless onboarding experience for their real-estate account portfolio CloudScale was asked to bring a solution to the table and quickly.

The Execution

Beautifull UI, MetaData Driven and Powered by AI

CloudScale interviewed everyone. We deployed an assessment framework to over 8,000 employees. The resulting deficiencies were categorized, and with that data, we formed a workforce assessment document that drove priority and focus for the new collaboration tools.

CloudScale produced application wireframes, information architecture, and governance models and, once approved, went to work.Working with our client, we helped them move from a monolithic architecture to a service-oriented strategy that created a much more versatile and agile application service infrastructure. The headless CMS approach created an environment where new sites, applications, and workflows could be orchestrated with ease, giving individual broker teams the ability to create their own business solutions and automation using a standard set of branded, structured, and governed templates.

CloudScale also created and trained a machine-learning algorithm with over two million data points which were deployed company-wide in the form of a real estate broker virtual assistant, improving the speed of building opinions of value, comps, and serving up locations of data and tools to employees globally.

The Result

CloudScale has helped our customers launch this new platform in over 18 countries. It currently serves over 10,000 brokers worldwide and is the most visited web property across the organization.

The platform has improved broker efficiency, sales, and employee satisfaction with company systems. Its success is now our client's strategic advantage in generating revenue and attracting talent.




Million visits per month.
Improvement in time to create opinion of value documents.
Improvement in sales velocity globally.