Data Security & Compliance

Put your cloud data security and compliance first

Successful Digital Transformation Starts with Security

Leverage Cloud Security to Efficiently Protect Your Data and Manage Compliance

Protecting your organization continues to be increasingly difficult as employees use their own devices and applications at work and data flows in and out of your business in a variety of ways. While the attack surface has broadened, attacks have also become more sophisticated, more damaging, and increasingly more costly.
Today’s security leaders must balance these challenges with business needs to collaborate, innovate, and grow. Traditional security models have focused on layered perimeter defenses and building “better walls.” The world has changed. Today, organizations need to have an always-on and multifaceted approach to security that constantly protects all endpoints, detects the early signs of a breach, and responds before that threat can cause damage.

Why Choose CloudScale for Your

Cloud Data Security & Compliance Strategy

As a Microsoft Partner, we deliver to you real-time visibility, control, and access to your data security controls, including automated workflows to detect and secure your content. Our clients can audit user access, restrict controls to prevent configuration changes, and monitor your network in real-time.
  • Imagine
  • We work with you and your stakeholders through an assessment to discover what security and compliance solutions will work best.
  • Realize
  • After the initial assessment, we will deliver a plan to address all of your security. From managing firewalls to implementing a Disaster Recovery solution, we provide you with a higher level of security and compliance
  • Experience
  • Our team of security experts is always on monitoring your cloud environments to keep your IT team running efficiently.From data protection to compliance solutions, we help you reduce cost and risk by leveraging the machine learning capabilities of Microsoft Azure and Power BI for Office 365.


Data Security Solutions

At CloudScale, we offer data security solutions to protect your sensitive information — anytime, anywhere. From easy classification to embedded labels and permissions, we provide solutions that enhance data protection at all times with Azure Information Protection — no matter where it’s stored or who it’s shared with.

With the combined power of O365, Enterprise Mobility Suite + Security and Microsoft Azure, we’re able to integrate and build for rapid response, secure the growing number of endpoints in any environment and create balanced, end-to-end information protection without hindering productivity.
  • Classification & Labeling
  • We classify data based on sensitivity and add labels.
  • Encryption & Rights Management
  • We encrypt your sensitive data and define usage rights.
  • Intuitive One-Click Process
  • Users can apply protection easily without interrupting your employees workday.
  • Detailed Tracking & Reporting
  • See what’s happening with your shared data to gain more control over it.