Leading Energy Drink Company

Building an AI-Driven Just-in-time supply chain management platform.

By far one of the most innovative companies we've worked with, this client was in search of a partner that could help them move past spreadsheets and siloed business data systems as they scale to become one of the largest energy drink companies globally.
Compelled by being more than an energy drink our client makes Lifestyle in a Can.

A Complex Global Supply Chain Challenge

The forecasting of demand is an important part of supply chain management. It allows companies to better understand customer needs and ensure that they have the necessary resources to meet demand. To forecast demand, managers must consider several factors, including historical sales data, trends in the industry, and expected changes in customer behavior.

With no consistent way of forecasting product demand globally, our client faced distribution & volume gaps and production control costs to sales volume issues which were consistently impacting net margins.

To help our client overcome these challenges, we led our client through a six-year digital transformation journey that started with their sales teams and ended with an AI-optimized supply chain management platform.

The Execution

CloudScale started with this organization's sales teams, reimagining the sales toolbox and modernizing the way the sales teams accessed, shared, and collaborated on sales documents. We worked with senior sales leadership to envision and build an app that provided route guidance, sales material for product placement, and systems to enable sellers to sell more in the field.

After working to optimize the buyer-facing side of the client's business, we moved to the back office and shared services organization, where we spent our first-year rationalizing business processes, tooling, and data. In 2018 CloudScale was asked to design and implement an end-to-end pricing and forecasting solution that would optimize the supply chain and production globally.

Program Highlights:
Governance was critical during this project, from program and project change control to data privacy law. CloudScale brought its near-decade of international data privacy law experience and program governance COE to this project and delivered the following benefits:

The Result

Forecasting demand is an inexact science, but by using machine learning-based forecasting, we helped our client to better predict future sales and production needs. This allows for more accurate inventory control and for our client to understand where products are needed and more effectively manage supply constraints and overages.





Reduction in holding cost in the first eight months of using the new forecasting solution.
Reduction in delivery delays through optimized route guidance for sales teams.
Increase in net profit.