Accelerating Go-To-Market for MetaSpark

Through Workato Embedded

MetaSpark uses metadata to help companies improve employee engagement by aligning the corporate mission and objectives with the work employees do every day. This alignment drives buy-in and happier employees. It's the first Gig-work based concept for the enterprise.

An embedded solution for high-growth SaaS companies.

Speed to Market is a strategic advantage

MetaSpark was looking for a solution that would allow them to focus on the core capabilities it delivers to its customers and not on building integrations.

A two-year-old startup, bootstrapped and looking for ways to optimize its speed to market, found itself focused on building integrations rather than core features that its customers were asking for. CloudScale, a leader in helping B2B and B2B companies optimize around GTM, supply chain, and employee experience, was asked to assist MetaSpark in scaling its team's ability to complete migrations, removing these items from the product teams backlog and allowing them to focus on value add feature development only.

The Execution

Standards, Governance, Data Security, GDPR and Time.

CloudScale started its work with MetaSpark by evaluating the platform backlog and user stories related to data ingestion and display. We found through our efforts that most of the information retrieval and display could be standardized vs. building every integration manually. With this information in hand, CloudScale introduced and recommended Workato, a Gartner quadrant leader in business automation software. Specifically, Workato's Embedded platform that accelerates the speed at which ISVs can produce integrations with hundreds of platforms by embedding their integration engine into the ISVs underlying application.

Program Highlights:
Governance was critical during this project, from program and project change control to data privacy law. CloudScale brought its near-decade of international data privacy law experience and program governance COE to this project and delivered the following benefits:

The Result

The result for the team was a ten-person month reduction in integration development for the MetaSpark platform. The program enabled the team to quickly stand up new integrations across every app that customers required and ultimately put MetaSpark in a leadership position due to the diversity of data platforms that it was able to pull information from.




Person Month Reduction in Integration Development Time Per Year.
Improvement in Time to Market for New Integration Request
Reduction in the Cost to Bring New Integrations Online