Large Media and Entertainment Company

Looks to CloudScale to Modernize its Team Collaboration Experience.

Our client, an American film and entertainment company headquartered in Burbank, CA, and founded in 1923, asked CloudScale to partner with them in modernizing their employee intranet experience. We worked with this company to modernize the user experience on SharePoint Modern and migrated many legacy integrated applications to Microsoft Azure SaaS service applications.

Constant Change Requires Flexible Infrastructure.

Employee Experience is Critical to the Success of Applications

Our client was looking for a partner that could modernize their legacy applications and workflows for critical operational business areas with little friction.

With many legacy applications representing over 32,000 lines of code and an intranet that was aging, our client's employees faced constant performance and stability issues with key business processes and workflow execution via the company's intranet.

The Execution

Experience, Understanding and Speed.

Experience was everything on this project, and we knew to deliver a successful outcome, the costs and complexity of updating this client's applications had to be quantified and correct from the start. CloudScale started this program with a deep assessment and documentation update of the existing Amazon-based VM infrastructure as well as all custom components and workflows that had been built and integrated into the SharePoint environment.

Program Highlights:

The Result

The first employee survey of the new intranet was very positive, with a 3-point increase in satisfaction with the speed and stability of the experience and a 4-point increase in satisfaction with the user experience. In addition, the site saw a 500% increase in traffic in the first week of its use which averaged out at a 357% increase in monthly active users of the solution.




Reduction in cost of managing and maintaining the existing intranet solution.
500% increase in monthly active use of the site and its associated applications.